How to Encourage Kids to Read More

While following a survey it was shocking to see that 250 million primary school children around the world did not know how to read, write or do basic math. This revelation was an alarmed awakening to all the governments who spend huge amounts of money to elevate literacy. The Global Learning Crisis is causing a worldwide scare. Lets see how we can do our bit to curb this crisis.

Photograph by Kelly Sikkema

Photograph by Kelly Sikkema

Practice and Preach 

Children learn best by example, so be that example for your kids. Do not order them to sit with a book and read by themselves while you watch tv or do other things. Read your own books with them. Pick out a time everyday and make it a routine for you and your child to sit and read together. If your child is a curious George then sit with him /her and read their books together for a first couple of pages and then continue reading yours. This little action on your part will itself be a huge stepping stone towards them learning to love to read.

photograph by   Gustavo Devito

photograph by Gustavo Devito

Take them to a Bookstore 

Make it a fun outing for the children when you take them out to a bookstore, make it sound like a treat as if you would talk about a carnival. For example let them know that they get to choose their books with your approval and do various other activities which now a days most bookstores have. Treat books as if you treasure them and they are your favourite toy, they will do the same. Once they get into a habit of going to the bookstore regularly they will develop an avid interest in all the reads available and would surely want new ones soon. But you have to do your part by taking them there.

photograph by U.S Navy

photograph by U.S Navy

Glorious Illustrations

Illustrated books appeal even to adults so if your young one is adamant about not reading start with books which have less words and more pictures. From there on it will expand. Make a big deal of their little accomplishments, it makes them feel special and will help in making them confident and sure human beings. If they read only one word from an entire book the first time , give them a star even for that, they will surely want to read more. 

photograph by kristin klein

photograph by kristin klein

Become a member of a library

Libraries are the best place for you and your child to make friends who have or want to learn the same habit of reading. Libraries also have choreographed story telling sessions with props for children which make it a visual treat as well. For older teens or adults as yourself libraries also offer Book Readings by popular or local authors. It is great to attend these reads as they not only encourage authors rather also build your knowledge. 

Befriend technology

iPads and other tablets offer numerous amounts of reading material. If your child loves his gadget then find some interactive reading books which include games and eye catching interactions. There are some beautifully designed apps and books for kids to enhance their reading and learning skills. 

Always remember as a parent you are the one who can inculcate all the good things you want them to learn and for doing so you have to do them yourself.