Product Design Grand Prix Winner at Cannes: The Lucky Iron Fish

In a country affected by iron deficiency where eighty percent of the population was anaemic and struggling with poverty, the Lucky Iron Fish worked like magic. But to make this magic work was a lot harder than we can think of. When Cambodia was facing this health crisis, a solution was found to complete the daily iron needs of the individuals. Instead of expensive supplements a piece of iron could curb the deficiency if put in the food while cooking. The staple diet of people was fish and rice and the government found a simple solution; to put an iron ingot  in food while cooking so that the iron deficiency could be removed. Simple. But not so easy. The people barely used it in food rather found various other things to do with it. Then in 2008 the Canadian Health Workers in Cambodia studied their culture and came to know that a symbol of fish was considered to be a lucky charm, a pious object in their culture. Hence the invention of the Lucky Iron Fish and in 2012 The Lucky Iron Fish Project company was formed. This actually worked like magic and the results were astounding. This simple product also won Product of The Year award against various gadgets and the likes at Cannes. 

Full Detail and Project: