Featured Storyteller : Emily Gravett

Our this week's feature is on one of my favourite children's books author and illustrator, Emily Gravett. She was born in Brighton, England to an art teacher, the mother and a printmaker, the father.  After her parents split she lived with her mother and often visited museums with her father. She travelled Great Britain extensively for eight years and also met her partner Mik, while living in varied vehicles.

They settled in Wales and have a lovely daughter Oleander. Gravett had a calling for art and knew that she had to make her career with drawing, so she took up an Art course at a local University and graduated in three years. She works in a lovely attic studio with views of the South Downs.

Its interesting to know that one of her simplest books which touched me, Orange Pear Apple Bear, was made by her on a mother's day in mere eleven hours. She just made it while being in bed. Thats what I call being gifted. It covers the concept of food, shapes and colour using only five simple words.

As a student Gravett had excelled and took part in various competitions and won publishing contracts. After this there was no stopping her and she kept winning various awards and medals, two of which were the Kate Greenway Medal. No one has ever won three. 

Her famous works include Wolves, Monkey and Me, Blue Chameleon, Little Mouse's Big Book of fears, Cave baby, a joint venture of Gravett and Julia Donaldson, and more such.

Till now she has published fourteen books which are children's favourite all over the world.