Easy and Healthy Breakfast

When you are a family preparing for work and school on hectic mornings with young children, a healthy breakfast can become an afterthought. Luckily, there are multiple options that parents can consider which are quick or simple to prepare ahead of time.

Protein Muffins
Your favorite muffin tin is the greatest asset in your kitchen for providing quick and healthy breakfasts for your children. Combine and bake the same delicious ingredients you would include in an omelet, such as eggs, vegetables, and cheese. Prepare these ahead of time and freeze them in containers to heat easily.

Regardless of whether your family enjoys a regular plain yogurt, Greek yogurt, or a flavored yogurt, this satisfying meal is a high protein breakfast choice. Add your favorite toppings such as berries or even a crunchy cereal. Since making this meal is quick, it's not necessary to prepare it the night before.

Breakfast Burritos
Delicious tortillas easily contain a variety of foods from eggs, tofu, meat, vegetables, and potatoes. There are even people who enjoy sweet burritos with fillings such as apples with cinnamon. These burritos are easy to freeze and reheated using a microwave, hot pans, or griddle.

Find yourself and your child a colorful straw and a special smoothie cup, and this creamy beverage may become your go-to breakfast on the run. Depending on the quality of blender, you can skip preparation steps such as peeling or removing stems. However, keeping various frozen foods such as berries and fresh chopped fruit will save time in the mornings. Feel free to include yogurt and even a handful of fresh greens, which you can hardly taste in smoothies.

Frozen Pancakes/Waffles
Although you can buy frozen waffles and pancakes, from well-known brand names, nothing quite beats the homemade version. Children may even enjoy theirs with fruit or chocolate chips cooked into them, this saves mess and packs flavor into this simple breakfast option.

Incorporate your favorite flavors into any of these delectable breakfast ideas with ease. Invite your children into the kitchen to prepare their breakfast for the week to teach healthy habits and inspire them to take pride in their meals.