Bookling gets featured by Gizmodo

One of the perks of working in the app business is getting acknowledgement. After gruelling hardwork and immense amount of brainstorming when your product is out, its a waiting game. But what pays off is these words of encouragement. Here are some excerpts from what Gizmodo wrote about Bookling. 

"These days an awful lot of reading is done on digital devices, where keeping tabs on your page isn't exactly a problem. But, for those of you who prefer the real thing there's finally a 21st century update to the humble bookmark. It's called Bookling, and it wants to make sure you never lose your place again....."


"That's the brunt of it, but that's not all that's involved. There's a built in reminder system that you can use to prompt you to read certain books that you've added into the app. It also have a goals system, that you set yourself, and a number of different achievements that you can earn through all your reading... "

Get yours here! Happy Reading!